King through Suffering

March 13 | Isaiah 52:14-15

“As many as were trembling at you – His appearance was so marred, unlike the appearance of a man, in His form unlike the children of humanity. Thus He will sprinkle many nations. Kings will shut their mouths because of Him, for that which has not been made known to them they see, and that which they have not heard they understand.” (Isaiah 52:14–15)

I’m fascinated by biographies of well-known people. It’s interesting to find out how they became famous. How did they earn their wealth if they are rich? What about them do people find appealing? Some of their life stories will surprise you.

We hail Jesus as King of the universe, but he did not become King by being born into a royal family. He earned his kingship through his suffering on the cross. He becomes Lord of your heart because of his message that brought you peace.

Paul says in Ephesians that Jesus made peace between us in his body, his broken and marred body. He took the cup of suffering from his Father for you. He was unrecognizable on the cross after the many beatings and scourging. But now we see our glorified King.

Even other kings recognize Jesus’ authority. And when you submit to his will for your life, you put him on the throne of your heart. Once he is there, you must obey him, for he is worthy of your obedience. He gains subjects through love instead of violence.

Action Step: Have you ever felt the violence of others? Jesus knows how you feel. He knows what you’re going through. Express your emotions and thoughts to him. Be genuine before his throne.

Lord Jesus, you are worthy of my praise. You are King of my heart, Lord of my life. You are worthy of my service to you all my days. How can I serve you today?

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