In the Year 2125…

Photo by elCarito on Unsplash

Here’s a sneak peek at the setting for my new sci-fi serial novel!

The year is 2125. Technology is everywhere but not everyone is happy about it. Some groups advocate technology while others see danger in it. Earth has colonized Mars part is finding it didn’t help the problems at home. The utopia promised was never delivered.

Humanity is worse off than ever with poverty and disease around every corner. Mass population isn’t improving the situation. Mars is for rich people and earth is where poor people stay. Except for a few beautiful places left, most of the planet is a slum.

Everyone in rural areas stays away from the city. They rely on nature to protect them from everything going wrong in the cities. Hostilities are continuing to build between the two different worlds. Martial law was declared when the last presidential election turned out to be a fraud. No one listens to the United States government.

Cities are controlled by gangs and neighborhood watch groups. There is infighting within every urban area. Anyone not part of a group is in grave danger. No one walks the streets alone and survives. Educational Institute are almost impossible to get into. There is no hope left and humanity is on its last leg.

Crime is at an all-time high. Hospitals are full of people injured because of crime. While many die, most and up in commas and terminal illnesses. People turn to technology to solve yet another problem. In New York City, a neurologist has come up with an untested way for coma victims to communicate with the outside world.

All he needs is his big break to try it on someone. But when he gets the chance, he unleashes the most dangerous enemy humanity has ever faced. Will they figure out a way to stop the Thought Thieves before it’s too late?

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