Holiness Matters: A Call to Obey the Holy Spirit

Available as Hardback, Paperback, and Ebook!

Holiness Matters: A Call to Obey the Holy Spirit

Do you try to live a holy life but struggle to stay faithful?

Pastor Jonathan provides a path to follow to glorify God through obedience to the Holy Spirit. Holiness Matters explores how God transforms us from the inside out when He makes us new creatures. Salvation is the beginning of a long and fruitful walk with God.

Holiness Matters includes:

  • 3 facets of holiness defined and explained
  • The 5 step path to principled holiness
  • Real life examples of how to follow the path to holiness

While Jesus declares us holy at salvation, the Holy Spirit changes us as we follow Christ. He begins with our character and calling us to obedience. But we must submit and surrender to His leading. After a lifetime of walking the path of godliness with Christ, He makes us into the people that glorify Jesus, and in God’s time, He leads us into His presence in heaven forever.

Join me on a journey of discovering what the Holy Spirit has in store for you as He conforms you to the image of Christ.