Heaven on Earth

January 12 | Matthew 6:10

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done as in heaven, so also on earth.” (Matthew 6:10)

Everyone is trying to build their own kingdom. It’s all about what they can get out of life. They calculate everything they do for their benefit. But we don’t live that way. We build a greater kingdom.

In The Model Prayer, we begin by praising God and realizing he is greater then us and our concerns. We turn to his concerns. After praising him, we pray for his kingdom to come to earth.

God’s kingdom rests in people’s hearts. It overcomes this world not through war or attrition but through Christ’s love imparted person-to-person. We ask God to bring his kingdom through’s as we spread his good news to everyone we meet.

This world is ruled by our enemy. But it won’t always be so. Jesus is coming back, and we pray he comes soon. As we pray his will on earth, we ask him to become Lord of this world through our witness.

God blesses our witness of Jesus. His kingdom is a spiritual one for now. But the power of transforming a heart and life changes the world. So while his kingdom is not of this world, it is breaking into the kingdom of darkness.

Action Step: What has Jesus done for you? Write down your story of what he’s done for you. Share it with everyone you meet. Listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and take advantage of every divine appointment.

Lord Jesus, let your kingdom come and you will be done through me. As I share how you have changed me forever, let others know you. May you take back territory from the devil as I declare your name to others.

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