Hearing God’s Voice

There is little taught about how to hear from God. Exactly how many ways can you hear from God and which is the best?

There are many ways to hear God’s voice. Probably the number one way is to read God’s Word, the Bible. The Holy Spirit dwelling in each believer speaks to us through the Bible. As we read, he illuminates Scripture.

In my own life the Holy Spirit has spoken to me through God’s Word. As I have read passages he has taught me, convicted me, disciplined me, encouraged me, and built me up. The Spirit points out things in my life or situations that I must address.

Another way that God uses to speak to us is through prayer. Some people hear God’s voice clearly, even audibly in some cases. But most of the time God speaks to us through our hearts and our consciences. It is not the same thing as some mystical voice that’s part of ourselves. If that were the case, it would always be our own thoughts.

But when I pray, I have heard from time to time God point me to a verse in the Bible or give me an idea on how to face a situation. I get a feeling or a sense from him. He may bring to memory a verse or something another Christian said that directly applies to a situation.

God also speaks through other mature believers. He can use the gifts of the Spirit through them. He can use godly wisdom that they speak into our lives. We must be careful not to just listen to every Christian we hear. But you get a real sense that the Spirit is using another believer and a lot of times it’s a confirmation of what he’s been speaking to you in other ways.

Just remember that you must seek out mature, Bible believing Christians who are well grounded not only in God’s Word but also in the wisdom and counsel it provides. The Holy Spirit must be speaking through these saints.

There are other ways at the Holy Spirit speaks to us. They may be as varied as the people he speaks to. Each one of us must learn how to hear his voice. This takes time and we mature and grow as we learn how he speaks to each of us. But these are some of the main ways.

As far as which one is the best method, that is purely up to each believer. God will speak to us and grab our attention. But we must be listening and waiting on him. We must learn how to hear his voice when he speaks.

We must learn what things he is not using to speak to us. The best way is the way you hear God. And you must make sure your hearing God, not your own desires or the desires of others.

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