He Is Risen!

April 17 | Luke 24:6-7

“He is not here, but He has been raised. Remember as He spoke to you when you were still in Galilee, saying that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and on the third day He rose.”” (Luke 24:6–7)

Have you ever had an experience where you wanted something really bad, but you didn’t expect to get it? Then when you received what you asked for, you are still so surprised. You don’t know how to react even though you asked for it.

Some of the women who follow Jesus throughout his ministry went to his tomb early Sunday morning to finish preparing his body for burial. It was a rushed effort on Friday evening before Passover and Sabbath.

But when they arrived at his tomb, they got the best surprise ever. At first, it was disconcerting. Jesus’ body was missing! Did someone steal it? Did they move it? No. It’s a good thing Jesus sent angels to remind them of what happened.

The greatest words ever spoken in human history, “He is not here. He has risen!” It’s Jesus’ final victory over death, Hell, and the grave. He beat sin on the cross. But he finished it here. And because of him you are not only a citizen of heaven but will be raised when he returns in the second coming.

Action Step: Praise God who raised Jesus from the dead! This is the day you celebrate God’s victory on your behalf. He gives you innumerable reasons to glorify him. Don’t be calm, cool, or collected as you pour out your lavish praise upon King Jesus today.

King Jesus, the words are hard to form. They seem so inadequate for your victory. Thank you for paying for my sins at Calvary and winning over sin, Hell, and the grave those many years ago today. I owe everything to you! I will not be sparing with my praise today.

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