God’s Judgment for Rebellion in Numbers 16

Were the whole families included with the 250 people who sunk into the earth in Numbers 16?

Numbers 16 presents the third giant rebellion against the leadership of Moses. It is probably the most dramatic of the three. God separates out the 250 men who led the rebellion against Moses. They were all from the tribe of the Levites, Korah, Dathan, and Abiram are the ringleaders.

The Bible states that God dealt with them treacherously because they challenged his ordained leadership. Two hundred fifty men were swallowed up by the ground along with their possessions.

But it was more than just these 250 men. These esteemed leaders chose to put their lot in with these ringleaders and were judged just as harshly as them. When they rose up against Moses for the third time, God had enough.

They went to the underworld, Sheol, with all their belongings and their families. We would never know how much of them perished in this incident. It was a healthy enough amount to scare every Israelite in the camp. Originally God wanted to destroy the whole lot and start over.

They must be thankful for Moses who saved their lives that day. He pleaded with the Lord for a third time to not start over with another people. And the Lord granted his request. But these 250 men and their families paid the price of rebelling against God’s ordained leadership.

Image by jlowgren from Pixabay

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