God’s Image Restored

November 11 | Colossians 3:8-10

“But now you must take off all of these: anger, wrath, depravity, slander, filthy speech from your mouth. Don’t lie to one another because you took off the old self with its deeds, and put on the new self, renewed in the knowledge according to the image of your Creator.” (Colossians 3:8–10)

Every so often I like to watch shows where they restore antiques and make them look new and pristine. It’s amazing to see how they pull it off. But restoration belongs to God first. He restores His image in you.

Sin tainted and marred God’s image in each of us. You used to live like the world, thinking like them and acting like them, and sin tainted God’s image in you. But you put away the actions and thinking of this world and Jesus has renewed the image of God in you.

When you choose the path of the new self in Christ, the redeeming work of Jesus you continue to be renewed in your mind and actions. The way you treat people shows that Jesus is working His grace in you. You live different from the world.

But this isn’t something you do for yourself. The Holy Spirit cultivates God’s character in you. He puts to death the anger, malice, and obscene talk you used to do all the time. The Spirit gives you the power to put away these old actions.

Action Step: Continue your life in Christ by obeying the Holy Spirit and not allowing old habits and fleshly desires to resurface in you. Let it be changed by God’s miraculous power.

Holy Spirit, keep cultivating your work in my character and life. I love the image of God You are restoring in me. Make me more like Jesus every day. Give me the strength and power to resist my fleshly desires and have Your desires.

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