Facing Rejection

We are all social creatures. Everyone wants to be part of the group, or at least have a few friends. And that’s the danger of sharing your faith with your friends and family. What if they reject you? After all, the Bible tells us that we will be persecuted when we follow Jesus (Matthew 5:10-12; John 15:20).

Even though there are some people who are more comfortable alone, no one really wants to be completely alone. We all need at least one person to share our life with. So when we sure faith, we put ourselves out there along with Jesus. Don’t let anyone tell you that rejection doesn’t hurt.

But let’s consider a few important facts:

  • Is your friend/family member’s eternal destiny more important than your comfort?
  • If you had the cure for a terminal illness, wouldn’t you want to give it?
  • Is beating around the bush bringing them closer to Jesus?
  • How much time do you think they have before it’s too late?
  • If they would defriend you for talking about Jesus for 2 to 3 minutes, were they really your friends?

I know these questions are hard to address, but the time is short and if we really love our friends/family, we want them to be with us in eternity.

What other reasons would you have for fearing rejection when you share Jesus? Leave a comment below and tell me your story.

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