Exciting Changes to JonathanSrock.com

I am so thankful for you, reader! You have no idea how much fulfillment I get out of writing these posts and hearing from you. This gives me one of my main outlets to continue ministering even in my paralyzed condition until the Lord heals me.

Scheduling Changes to Divine Discourse

I want to inform you of a few exciting changes happening to Divine Discourse and the entire website here that bears my name. First, let me begin with updates to the Divine Discourse blog. I have had to scale back posting in the past from six posts per week to three. And I must scale back again, this time to two post per week.

My Spiritual Soldier Series on spiritual warfare will continue. New posts will arrive Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 in the morning. Sometimes I must take a little extra time in preparation and they may be slightly late.

Reasons for Changing the Post Schedule

Writing and publishing each of my blog posts takes a lot of time. It’s a labor of love and I enjoy writing them very much. But I have noticed that other projects I have committed myself to have suffered my attention because of my blog.

  • Preaching. I have preached more this year than last year. I am blessed to have these opportunities to preach the Word and fulfill my calling to preach to God’s people. But sermons take time to prepare just as much as blog posts do. I have enjoyed being able to do all of these things together.
  • Teaching. I also have the opportunity to teach through life groups and some other opportunities throughout the year. As with sermons, blog posts, and everything else I do, preparing to teach and facilitate these life groups also takes time.
  • Book Writing. This year I was able to write and publish Holiness Matters: A Call to Obey the Holy Spirit. The Lord laid it on my heart when I was pastoring my church. The Church needs to hear once again the call to holiness in a wicked world.

The Lord has laid on my heart several ideas for books and I am now working on a book on divine healing that will include my story and the struggles I have faced with paralysis for the last eight years. I am looking forward to writing this book for next year.

But to write books I must have time set aside. And writing my Daily Devos right now posted on Facebook, later added to this website also takes time. I want to manage the time gives me each day to write and do everything He has given me to do.

As you may have noticed, the common denominator among all my projects is time. By going from three posts down to two posts per week, I have more time to devote to these other projects. These are the reasons I am moving to a two post per week schedule.

More Content for JonathanSrock.com

I have made changes to my blog schedule in the past. But these new changes beginning this week are going to be more extensive. Divine Discourse is the name of my blog, but the website address bears my name.

Although I had not had the vision to add my content from other places on the web, it makes sense to begin doing that. I have another website containing all my ministry content, such as sermons, Bible studies, devotionals, and other ministry related matters.

But beginning this week I will begin to move all of the content from my ministry website to JonathanSrock.com. This means that Divine Discourse will be part of a larger amount of resources all produced by me. But they’ll all be in one place.

This begins with changing my website theme, which I have not done since I began blogging in 2019. It’s time for a new look. Divine Discourse will be alive and thriving. I will continue to provide content you enjoy on my blog.

But there’ll also be new resources I am developing for this website.

  • Sermons I have preached going back to 2004
  • Bible studies old and new, with the capability of receiving them by email
  • Daily Devos I have been posting on Facebook will be available on this website also
  • My Books redesigned and updated
  • Everything already here
  • And more…

It will take me a while to move content from my ministry website to this one. When I’m finished all of these features and content will be available here. I am excited to give Divine Discourse facelift and add more content I hope you will enjoy. Thank you for your support over the years! I look forward to continuing to bring you content that blesses you and encourages you in the Lord.

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