Does the Bible Talk about Dinosaurs in Creation?

What is your opinion on the world’s creation as described in the Bible? Do you think it is true? Then what about the dinosaurs which existed before humans?

My opinion on God creating the entire universe out of nothing is that it requires faith on our part. But then again, any approach to creation requires faith. Evolution especially requires faith, because we know that chance is not even a scientific approach.

Since none of us was there to witness creation, we must rely on faith. There is nothing different between the faith to believe in the supernatural being who created everything or to believe in chance, and all of the options in between.

The only difference is how much faith we have in each of these options and what we base that faith on. As a Christian, I place my faith in the narrative given to me in the book of Genesis and other books that talk about creation.

I believe that God created everything in the beginning. I understand Genesis 1 to be a poetic representation of how God created. I also understand Genesis 1:1 to give the overarching story of creation, Genesis 1:2 to zoom in on how God created, and Genesis 2 to zoom in even further and focus on his creation of animals and humanity.

I think it is the most elegant approach to show that God created with intent and purpose. We are not accidents or objects of chance. He placed us here and approved of his creation. He has a plan for each of us.

Beyond this, I believe that the creation taught in Genesis 1-2 goes against all of the other creation narratives of Moses’ day. When he wrote these chapters under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he was showing that the God of the Bible is way different than the gods of the other nations.

All of these other narratives show humans and creation as accidents of these gods. They don’t care about humanity, or they have a negative view of it. But the God of the Bible created with a different approach in mind. And he still intervenes and interacts with humanity today.

As far as dinosaurs are concerned, I believe that God made all of them. The Bible tells us that he made all of the animals of the land, air, and sea. There are several ways to approach why they are extinct today.

In my opinion, one of the best understandings I have read about is the idea that the great flood caused the massive death of dinosaurs at one time, showing why there are many bones for dinosaurs and they are all in the same places. It also explains why they would have been covered up.

One of the best ways I can explain dinosaurs is for you to take a look at the question about dinosaurs that I have answered in the past here. I present a few other views about dinosaurs that agree with the creation narrative and the rest of the Bible. The Bible does talk about dinosaurs. So take a look if you have the opportunity in time to view that post.

Image by Rolando Otero from Pixabay

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