Distinguishing Spirits

September 17 | 1 Corinthians 12:10

“… to another, distinguishing between spirits…” (1 Corinthians 12:10)

You live between two worlds. We are all comfortable with the physical world since the day we are born. But many people live their lives unaware of the powerful spiritual realm. Everyone is like an amphibian, part of both worlds whether they realize it or not.

On this spiritual plane of existence you have the power to distinguish between spirits. Some are righteous and others are wicked. Some are oppressing and possessing people who need God’s touch and deliverance.

Your ability to distinguish between evil spirits and godly spirits helps you to see the spiritual battlefield. You know when a person is demon possessed. You know when God’s angels are present to minister to His people.

You are keenly aware of the spiritual forces at work in people and atmospheres. When you walk into a room you know every spirit involved. You use your authority in Christ and the power He gives to see mountains moved and people delivered.

This is a powerful gift the Holy Spirit wants to minister through you. You are a spiritual powerhouse. He gives you the information you need to move in the spiritual realm.

God uses you strategically in spiritual warfare. You take back ground from the enemy. People are healed from debilitating demons, delivered from the mind-numbing repression of evil spirits. Jesus brings freedom to the captives of spiritual darkness and depression.

Action Step: Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of discernment of spirits. Jesus will make you one of His spiritual soldiers who destroy the works of darkness.

Holy Spirit, I want to tread the spiritual battlefield and take ground from Satan and his demons. I ask for the gift of distinguishing of spirits. Give me the responsibility of fighting spiritual battles and setting people free from the dark dangers of evil spirits.

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