January 15 | Matthew 6:13

“and don’t lead us into tests, but rescue us from the evil one.” (Matthew 6:13)

There’s a whole plane of existence people don’t consider. God made us flesh and spirit. Everyone recognizes the physical realm, but many people miss the spiritual realm. Things happen all around you that only a person with an awakened spirit can perceive.

Call it the fifth dimension or something like that, but people become aware of the spiritual realm especially after knowing Christ. This is where all the battles happen. Battles for the souls of your family, friends, coworkers, and everyone around you are taking place.

Praying for God to not lead us into temptation seems to go against other passages. James tells us God doesn’t operate in temptation (James 1:13-15). So why ask him to not lead us into temptation? The word for temptation can also mean trial or test.

It may be better to understand us asking God to not lead us into tests or trials. But he uses them to strengthen our character and faith. We also pray for him to deliver us from evil and the evil one.

We are in spiritual battles against evil in this world. God delivers us from the power of evil one. He wants to take you down and see you defeated. He can’t stand against God’s power in you.

Action Step: Ask God for the strength to face trials and tests in your life. Arm yourself with the Armor of God for spiritual battles. God wants to deliver you from the evil in this world, and everyone around you.

Jesus, prepare me with your armor to face the spiritual forces of wickedness in this world. Thank you for your Spirit’s power in me. I am victorious in your name. I walk in your authority against wickedness and the trials of my life.

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