Contradictions in the Bible

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

If the Bible is filled with contradictions, what else can we depend on to gain knowledge and guidance?

Such a general question as this is very hard to answer. What contradictions do you see in the Bible? You can’t just ask a general question about contradictions in the Bible. You have to give examples of where you see contradictions.

Unless specific contradictions are brought up, they cannot be examined. Until you can show contradictions in the Bible, I can’t answer this question. It’s like demanding information without asking a question. Because all other books and knowledge come from humanity, they all have contradictions.

Only God’s Word contains the knowledge that comes from heaven and from God. It is our best source of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. Because God knows all things, he is our best resource.

Other books can be useful, though. The Bible does not speak to every possible thing in creation. It speaks to the story of how God has interacted with humanity throughout the ages. It does contain information on other topics, but it is not exhaustive. So books on other subjects can be useful for knowledge. But it may not be complete knowledge.

Wisdom from other people can be questionable. They may want to guide you in a way that is not agreeable with God’s guidance. I have found as I read books and talk to others that they may have helpful advice, but God’s counsel is best.

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