Communion with Jesus

April 19 | Luke 24:30-32

“Then it happened when He reclined at the table with them He took the bread, blessed it, and after breaking it, He noticed was giving it to them, and their eyes were opened and they recognized Him, but He vanished from them. Then they said to one another, “Weren’t our hearts burning in us as He was speaking to us on the road, as He was opening the Scriptures to us?”” (Luke 24:30–32)

I love to have communion. There’s something about sitting at Jesus’ table for a moment, even just a moment, and drinking in his presence. I hate it when we rush through communion. This is our time with our Lord. It’s one of the things he will do with us in heaven.

Jesus catches up with a couple of his disciples in their travels after he is risen. He takes time to get personal with them because they trying to figure out what to do with everything that’s happened. They might be on the fence about their belief in Jesus.

As he walks with them, he opens their minds to what the Scriptures proclaim about him. God’s Word brings faith when we lack it. But it wasn’t just the Scriptures. It was the table. They manage to wrangle him into the place they were staying. And they sat at the table.

They’d been walking with him throughout the day and not realized him. But when He broke the bread, as in communion, they recognize Jesus, their Lord and God. In their grief and confusion, their eyes were opened and they saw Jesus.

Action Step: Take a moment to commune with Jesus and remember your Savior. With the busy schedules and many activities, you need quality time to sit in his presence. You need to see his face and remember him.

Lord Jesus, renew my vision of you. In the busyness of life it’s hard to keep focused on you. As I sit at your feet, give me a clear picture, even clearer than the day we met, of your compassion and grace. I will not take your presence for granted

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