Breakthrough Week
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I finally did it! I was able to start writing in my new book Meditations on the Lord’s Supper! I also edited my devotional book. I’m making progress in my writing without letting all my other tasks take precedent. How did that happen? I had a shift in my thinking…

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Challenged to Write
Challenged to Write
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So I got an email the other day from Chad Allen in the writers group by him involved in called BookCamp. He challenged us to write something, anything in our book this week. He is currently leading a writers’ conference in person in Chicago, but sent the email to challenge…

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Slower Than I’d Like
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Sometimes progress happens at a feverish pace, so quickly I cannot fully absorb myself in everything I am writing. I leave it up to the editing process. But lately, I have not gotten a whole lot of book writing done. There has been plenty of blog post writing and other…

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Fighting for Its Place
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I just got back from vacation last Wednesday, and so many projects are vying for attention. My life group is coming up fast, starting on Sunday, September 3. I have been trying to get ahead of those teachings, and am preparing for Week 3! That’s great because the more that…

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Reassessing deadlines

So, if you’ve been following my Author News for a while, you have seen some of the big projects I want to do. You’ll also see me push back some deadlines for my devotional. Sadly, I’m about to tell you I’m doing it again. I now hope to my devotional…

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Editing Like a Fiend

I am only working on my computer about 6 hours per day. Because I have several projects I have to work on each day, I can go through 10-15 devotions a day. The good news is that I am starting June today, about halfway through the year. After that, I…

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Much Needed Vacation

It’s that time again! I’m going on vacation from this Sunday to Wednesday, August 9. I’ve been looking forward to this vacation. I get caught up in doing things I have to do and not getting time to do what I want to do. I want to work on my…

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