Final Stages
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I guess that’s the best theme I can give for this past week. I found a graphic design guide is going to do the book cover design for my devotional, “God’s Bread for Your Life: A Devotion for Every Day.” That cover is being designed as we speak and I…

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Small Victories
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I was not as prolific in my writing this week as I would like to be. I suppose I should clarify that statement. I made advancements in preparation for my BIG series that will be starting in the new year. I think I put most of my writings into that…

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Upward and Onward
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Lots of great things are happening in my writing this week. I will soon be over halfway done with the holiday devotions that come in my devotional book that are not in the Daily Devos. That’s one benefit of getting the book. I can see daylight and the possibility of…

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Keeping My Head Down
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I got back from the hospital last week and started chipping away at all my projects once again. I hesitate to say on doing an awesome job in making great strides of progress. A little progress here, a little progress there. That’s when Matt and it’s going well. I’ve been…

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