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April 9 | Daniel 6:21-22

“Then Daniel said to the king, “Oh king, live forever. My God sent his angel and shut the mouths of the lions, and they did not harm me because I was found blameless before Him, and also before you, Oh king, I have done no harm.”” (Daniel 6:21–22)

Were you ever duped into doing something that harmed people around you? You didn’t do it because you thought you would hurt people. Perhaps you didn’t realize the consequences of your actions. After you did it, you hoped for the best outcome when you saw what it did to others.

King Darius put Daniel in great danger without intending to hurt him. His advisers got him to sign a law that made anyone worshiping anyone but him a criminal. The law demanded violators be thrown into a lions’ den. King Darius had so much pride he signed it.

They played the “gotcha” card on Daniel, but he put his faith in God’s hands. King Darius could not sleep that night. He even fasted for Daniel! Morning couldn’t come soon enough. When it arrived, he ran to where Daniel was and asked a curious question. He asked if Daniel’s God protected him.

I wonder if Daniel waited for a few seconds for suspense. God protected him because he was found blameless before God. How can praying in front of others hurt anyone? Most people except your request to pray for them. But governments pass laws that go against God. In 1962, the US government made praying in school illegal. Don’t follow laws against God.

Action Step: Ask God to protect you as you stand for Him today. He will reward your faithfulness as He did Daniel’s. Don’t fear what people can do to you.

Jesus my Rock, be my fortress and protect me from the evil of this world. As I stand for You, silence Your enemies and show Yourself faithful through me. You are my Shield and my Strength.

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