Biblical Thinking

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

What does the Bible say thinking is based on?

The word the Bible uses for thinking is rooted in a teachable conversation. It is not simply to find out what someone’s opinion is, but to learn from them in the moment that they speak. This is an interesting way to look at thinking.

Today we often use classrooms and lectures to enhance a student’s thinking. Although we often include philosophical backgrounds like logic and critical thinking to help students hone their skills, in biblical times, thinking was most enhanced through dialogue and conversation.

It was based on a learning experience rather than simply an opinion or a dogmatic approach. That didn’t help anyone learn how to think. But if they were learning from facts and examples, students could learn to think for themselves.

This makes a lot of sense considering that Jewish students learned by memorizing the Torah and then talking about it’s understanding and meaning with their rabbis. Greek thinking was based off of learning from lectures much like we do today in our halls of education, based off of the Greek methodology and model.

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