Bible Truth

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Do you believe that the words in the Bible are the truth?

Yes. The Bible claims to be the written words of God conveyed through human authors through the inspiration of his Holy Spirit. Passages like 2 Timothy 3:16–17 make such claims that God spoke the words of the Bible.

Because it makes this truth claim we must either accept that this is factual or not. Those who believe in the Bible like myself and have studied it understand that God spoke through the words of Scripture.

All of the claims that it makes, including claims about Jesus Christ as God’s son brought to this world to save us all from our sins and bring us into the kingdom of God must also then be true. (John 14:6).

The Bible has the goal that we would meet Jesus and become his followers, believers, and friends. God wishes to reunite us with himself.

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  1. Vuyo Ngcakani

    Yes, I do believe the Bible is true. Absolutely true.No doubt about it.

    1. Jonathan Srock

      Amen, brother!

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