Beasts of Revelation

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What is the difference between the beast of the sea in Revelation 13:1 and the second beast of the earth in Revelation 13:11?

These two beasts are the agents of the Dragon, or Satan. They both serve him but in slightly different ways. The first beast probably speaks of the Antichrist well the second beast speaks of his prophet. They are two of the three parts of the false Trinity.

The first beast resembles the beast that Daniel prophesies about (Daniel 7:1-8). People say it is the representation of the Antichrist because it has horns and diagrams (crowns), speaking of its political command over many nations.

The leopard beast in Daniel and also mentioned here in Revelation may signify a new Rome. The Roman Empire died off in antiquity but a new Roman Empire may refer to John’s imagery not only of Rome but also of Babylon. This is the Empire that does whatever it wants whether it is moral or not.

The Antichrist heads up this new Roman Empire. The Dragon (Satan) gives the Antichrist all of his power to do whatever he wants on the earth. To control the people religiously the Antichrist is injured with a mortal wound that is healed, probably symbolizing a connection to Jesus’ resurrection. Remember, he is part of the false Trinity trying to convince the nations that he is greater than God.

He speaks against God and blasphemes Him, Reminiscent of the man of lawlessness in 1 Thessalonians 2, who takes his place in the Temple as the new religious leader of the world. He also attacks the saints. Other than Christians, the whole world worships the Antichrist, the first beast.

Right after this, John continues to explain that there is a second beast. This second beast is a sort of evangelist for the first beast. It speaks like the Dragon, like the first beast, and it also has the authority of the first beast.

His job is to make the world worship the Antichrist. He does many miracles to convince the people to follow the Antichrist. He resembles the Holy Spirit as part of the false Trinity. Just as the Spirit only testifies about Jesus, so also the second beast, the prophet of the Antichrist speaks about the Antichrist.

Just like the Dragon and the Antichrist, the prophet deceives the nations so that they fall into the trap of worshiping the devil. John talks about an idol of the Antichrist the world worships. The prophet makes the Antichrist idol speak before the people to continue to deceive them.

The final goal of the profit of the Antichrist is to make the whole world take the Mark of the Beast. This is placed either in the four head on the right hand. Without it, people cannot join in commerce or society.

So the first beast represents the Antichrist and the second beast represents his prophet. They work with the Dragon, Satan, to deceive the nations into falling away from God and wanting them to be God instead. They represent the counterparts to Christ and the Holy Spirit in their actions.

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