Two significant gardens appear in the Bible. The Garden of Eden is where everything began, including the entrance of sin into the world. But in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus took the weight of the worlds sin and the cup of judgment for all of us.

Imagine what it was like in those gardens?

About “Tainted Beauty”

My new short story uses poetic license to dramatize what it may have been like in the Garden of Eden and Garden of Gethsemane. These were the two pivotal moments of human history.

Based on the biblical accounts, Tainted Beauty is the first of many in this series “Images Transformed.” It discusses biblical images and how God uses them in redemption.


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“Adam, Eve, Jesus and his disciples are all brought to life and humanized in this lively, highly readable, modern version of the biblical stories that are well known and loved by Christians throughout the world. In this rendition, The stories draws the connections between what believers know as original sin and the Crucifixion. Srock’s dialogue is fresh and breathes new life into timeless characters, making this story a must read for Christians of all ages.”    -Madeleine Slovenz

“In ‘Tainted Beauty’ he has a way of drawing you in and painting a picture of the garden of Eden that Adam and Eve lived in, and how the snake manipulated them with the consequences most of us are familiar with, and he then links it to another biblical story we are all familiar with. It’s an easy and enjoyable read for every one, no matter your background or age. Have fun reading it.“      -Tjitske Duiker

“You are my fixed star, just like that one,” Adam says to Eve in Jonathan Srock’s sensitive and poignant telling of a tale of two gardens, ‘Tainted Beauty’.  This rich interweaving of two great Bible stories retold both entertains, and enters in, to the contemplation of a great Mystery!  Highly Recommended!”    -Andrew Fairchild

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