Always before Me

February 4 | Deuteronomy 6:8-9

“And you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. And you shall write them on the door posts of your house and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy 6:8–9)

We have all sorts of ways to remember things. Some people make reminders on their phone or calendar. Other people tie bows around their fingers. The number of methods to remember things are just as varied as the people who remember them.

The Israelites did the same thing. When they wanted to remember God’s commands and laws, they followed these verses literally. They wore phylacteries on their four heads and on their right wrists. These were tiny boxes with even tiny earpieces of parchment that contained the Ten Commandments and other pieces of Scripture.

They would tie them with string around the wrist or around their head. As they walked and moved throughout their day, the little boxes hit them in the head or right hand. Quite literally, they would be smacking God’s words into their minds and actions.

While we aren’t so literal today, we find ways to remember our morning devotions or the things God is teaching us in each season of our lives. The more senses we involve, the better. We need to be creative in remembering God’s Word every day.

Action Step: Whether it’s putting scriptures up on your kitchen cabinets or throughout your house, having a reminder set on your phone with a verse of Scripture, or another sense involved, find creative ways to keep Scripture before you all day long.

Lord Jesus, your Word is my central focus every day. Show me ways I can keep it ever before me. More than that, help me to apply your Word to my heart and actions. I don’t only want to hear and see it, but do what it says.

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