A Host of Questions

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When you share your faith with a seeker, they will no doubt have questions. You don’t have two fear questions. They are only natural when a person is unfamiliar with religion and God. They are probably more afraid to ask their questions of you, a believer, then you are to answer them.

In my recently released guide, “A Short Guide to Sharing Your Faith,” I took a survey online of social media groups and the kinds of questions seekers ask them. Based on that and a helpful list in one of Kenneth Boa’s books, I came up with 18 questions seekers may ask you. You can find the book on Amazon and other platforms, as well as paperback on Amazon.

We need to make ourselves available for inquiries of any kind. How will people learn about our faith or be interested in it if we don’t? Your best option is to be open and honest, genuine, with every answer. There are some great resources out there for gaining proficiency in answering the tough questions about Christianity.

One very extensive book is “Evidence Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell. There are many other great books that will help you with question answering. The key is to never stop learning yourself.

Maybe you have questions about your faith that have never got answered. Chances are, asking yourself your own questions will help you to understand what kinds of questions you may get from seekers.

This is probably the most feared part of the process of sharing your faith with someone. But it doesn’t have to be. Christians have been answering questions for centuries from people who want to understand.

Always approach it from the perspective that people want to know more about what you believe. They generally come from a kind and curious heart. They’re not out to get you or to see you fail in expressing your faith.

So if answering questions is your hard part about sharing your faith, step out there and give it a try. If you think you need more resources, check out some of the ones I mentioned for starters. You can do it! Leave a comment and tell me some of your favorite resources for answering questions about the faith.

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