A Big Weekend for a Writer

I had a big weekend. Last week, I was preparing for a sermon and my life group. The sermon went well, and a life group went well. God has blessed me with having enough time to get ready for the events and things that I do. I have had a big week to go along with it – even if I procrastinate and get concerned as my deadlines draw close.

On Tuesday, I participated in our sectional counsel for our denomination. This is when the group of pastors in my section get together, fellowship, and do business. Sectional councils are different from our regular meetings. This is when the district prepares us for District Council (now called MinistrieSummit). At this counsel, we did some exercises to help the District understand ministry in our local area.

I may have a space at our get-together this May. If I do, I will  showcase my books and hopefully sell some. I will also connect with pastors on a District level. That is all very exciting if I go. We’re still hammering down the details. When I travel, it takes a village. My parents take good care of me on trips. They are the best!

This trip will be four and half hours away from my home. It will be on the east side of Pennsylvania. We’ve never gone that far for our district meetings. We’re still deciding if we will go or not. So, I’ll keep you posted. All this activity during the week means my writing has suffered a bit. However, I am inching closer to having my Daily Devos in print. I have about 18 more to write before I can put that book into production. Stay tuned!

The new book I am working on right now, Meditations on the Lord’s Supper, is still in the beginning stages. I think I have learned I should only do one book project at a time. Whether or not I have learned this, only one book is getting the most attention. Pretty soon, after I finish the devotional book, I can give more focused to the next writing project. Until next time, may we all be prolific and productive!

Image by Tim Ball from Pixabay

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