7 Spiritual Warfare Principles You Must Know

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We’ve really begun to gain momentum in understanding the principles of spiritual warfare in the spiritual realm. There’s so much to cover and we’re still just getting started. But every principle we learn helps us to understand how to wage war in the spiritual realm.

In our last spiritual warfare training we talked about 3 Levels of Spiritual Warfare. We are continuing to talk about principles as I introduce 7 principles we must know to be victorious on the battlefield as Spiritual Soldiers in Christ. Let’s dive in!

  1. Our spiritual power comes from our relationship with Jesus.

This may be the most important principle you will ever learn and apply in your spiritual battles. We can talk about weapon gear, armor, things to know, tactics, and all kinds of other helpful tips for fighting spiritual warfare.

But if you don’t understand that all the power you have, every authority you take, must arise from a vibrant and continual relationship with Jesus you will still find yourself losing the battles. Your connection to Jesus must be cultivated above everything else you learn about spiritual warfare.

This principle is not limited to spiritual warfare. If you do not have a vibrant relationship and connection with Jesus you can do nothing (John 15:4-5). We must be able to work in Jesus, and to do that we must abide in him continually. Your success comes directly from your relationship with Jesus. He gives it to you as a gift.

The seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19:14-16) learned this the hard way. They were casting out demons, “By the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches.” They were relying on Paul’s reputation instead of knowing Jesus.

But these demons were too powerful for them. They ended up running away naked and bleeding. Please don’t do anything without the power of Jesus that comes from your relationship with Him. The demons aren’t afraid of you. They are afraid of Jesus in you.

  1. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against evil spiritual powers (Eph 6:12).

Perhaps the most commonly heard and understood principle of spiritual warfare comes from Ephesians 6:12, the preamble to the armor of God. Paul tells us we don’t wrestle against people but against evil spiritual powers using those people.

See people the way God sees them. They are being taken advantage of by the enemy. This doesn’t mean they don’t learn evil and become evil people. But in general the devil uses them as ponds in his schemes against us.

So your boss made you angry today. He told you your work wasn’t good enough and you might get fired. You came home and your spouse started a fight with you. See these as spiritual battles rather than people trying to be evil or annoying.

Jesus wants to save every single person on this planet. He wants to Impart His Spirit into their lives, sealing them for glory in eternity. He sees every single person as hurting. Jesus only condemned religious officials who should’ve known better. He always reached out and compassion first.

People aren’t out to get you. Reserve your fight for the enemy of their souls. Pray for your human enemies. Ask the Holy Spirit for ways to reach out and minister to them. Minister out of Jesus’ healing rather than hurt they try to give you.

There are many evil spiritual forces who would love to bring you down through people who don’t even know they’re being used by spiritual forces. Don’t give them the opportunity to find a weakness in you.

Throughout our history the Church has not always listened to Paul’s counsel about how to deal with people. The Church has sought political power, wealth, and other means to spread the gospel of Christ in this world instead of ministering out of Christ’s strength.

Reach out to people with Jesus’ love and compassion. Seek God on how to minister to them in the most effective ways. And fight evil spiritual forces by taking the battle to them with all of the weapons of mass spiritual destruction you have in your arsenal.

  1. Christians have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and demons cannot possess them.

I am asked from time to time whether a Christian can be demon possessed or not. If a Christian could be demon possessed it would create fear on the battlefield like none other. The devil would love for you to believe this lie.

But it is simply not true. I will get into this more in detail later in our Spiritual Soldier Series. But because the Holy Spirit dwells in you, you cannot have a contrary spirit in you. The Bible declares that, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

Christian, you belong to Jesus and no one else. Demons flee in God’s presence. James tells us that when we resist the devil he must flee from us (James 4:7). I will be reiterating more truths about why it is impossible for a demon to possess a Christian. So stay tuned to hear the full discussion on that spiritual battlefield truth.

  1. Putting on the full armor of God provides defensive and offensive weapons.

Perhaps the best way to approach spiritual warfare is by daily putting on the full armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-20. In this battlefield manual we will be expounding every piece of the armor of God Paul talks about.

You will have a thorough understanding of what each piece means, how to put it on, and how to be prepared to use it. These are offensive and defensive weapons in the battle. Some of them are offensive and provide you a way to strike at the gates of Hell. Others are defensive and prevent you from suffering blows from the enemy.

Your take away from the armor of God must be that you are not left defenseless on the spiritual battlefield. Jesus provides you with the weapons that make great impact in the spiritual realm. You must have confidence and peace as you fight these battles and take back land from the enemy.

As you face the enemy know that you have the power of Christ to defeat his advances. But don’t only stop at the defensive place you have gained. If you are not moving forward or standing still, you’re falling behind. Be prepared to fight and advance against the enemy.

  1. The name of Jesus is above every name and power you will face.

If anything has a name, it must bow to the name of Jesus. When Jesus died He defeated sin once and for all. When He rose from the grave He proved that He gives us the power to be resurrected in Him. And when He sat down on His throne God put everything in creation under Jesus’ feet.

That authority and power no one else has. Everything in creation refers to Satan, his demons, evil spiritual forces, and anything in creation that opposes Jesus’ willful rule over His creation. Yes, that includes sickness, demon possession, and every other fight the devil brings to you.

Calling on the name of Jesus is not the simple end to a prayer. It is a powerful understanding of the awesome and magnificent authority behind the name of Jesus. Nothing can stand against it. It has real spiritual power to change the battlefield.

It’s in Jesus’ name that He does everything you ask. It is not only a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare prayer but a cherished name for every Christian. When we call on Jesus it is not to have the Commander in Chief save us as we drown like Peter when we are in over our heads. It is the sweet name we call our precious Lord and Friend.

As I mentioned earlier in the first principle, that relationship with Jesus is the bedrock with which Jesus moves on our behalf. It is through our faith in His name that we see Jesus work on our behalf. It is from that mighty and strong relationship that demons flee for their lives.

Do not neglect the power behind the name of Jesus. But don’t abuse it either. When you call on Jesus’ name in faith supported by your ongoing relationship with Jesus, He Moves heaven and earth and reminds demons why they cannot stand in His presence.

  1. Giving in to temptation and sin will expose us to attacks of the enemy.

One of the worst moves you can make in spiritual warfare is to commit unforced errors upon yourself. Don’t give into temptation. Don’t be living in sin while you are trying to win spiritual battles. It’s not gonna happen.

Only from a position of holiness and purity can you see any advancement in the spiritual realm. If you are fighting off temptation and sin you cannot expect to have the spiritual power and faith to see mountains move and demons flee.

You are fighting with a closed front door to your fortress but the back door is open to all kinds of evil. Close all the doors. That’s how you begin to see spiritual victory. You’re making it way too easy for the devil and his demons to stab you in the back as you fight in the front.

It’s time to clean house. Any kind of sin separates you from Jesus and destroys your relationship with Him. And as we saw in the first principle you cannot do anything without Jesus. Confess your sin, as we’ll discuss in our next training. Restore your relationship with Jesus and you will find spiritual victories.

  1. Weaknesses in your armor or understanding of your identity in Christ will leave you open to the influence or oppression of the enemy.

Christians cannot believe that they can have weaknesses in the spiritual realm of any kind and succeed. I know this kind of runs with the last principle, but it is slightly different. These are not necessarily temptation and sin beckoning you to join them.

This is any kind of weakness in your Christian character, hidden and entangling sins you allowed to stick around or think you’re handling. This is when you’re not living in truth, righteousness, advancing the gospel of peace, and so forth.

You must understand your identity in Christ, for it is your foundation and standing in Jesus that keeps you from the schemes of the enemy. When you know who you are in Jesus you do not fear the attacks and lies of the enemy. His propaganda falls on deaf ears.

We will be talking about your identity in Christ and how it bolsters your position on the battlefield. When you are not suited up in your full armor or understanding who you are in Christ you are open to the influence of the devil. You will take advantage of every weakness you show.

Satan doesn’t play fair on the spiritual battlefield. He doesn’t follow any of the rules or practices you do. You must not give him any open areas to poke and prod, we can you as you try to advance God’s Kingdom. Shore up the weaknesses to continue taking the battle to the enemy.

Wrapping Up

You can see the spiritual power behind these 7 principles that bring you spiritual success on the battlefield. When you know these 7 principles you have a leg up against the enemy. He cannot come after you because your house is in order. You don’t fall for all his little tricks.

I pray these are helpful in your battles with evil spiritual forces. When he comes for you chase him into the darkness with the light of the gospel of Christ. He has no hold on you. How do you handle battles with evil forces? Are you prepared with these spiritual principles and truths? Are there any others you can think of that bring powerful advancement to your spiritual toolkit?

Up Next

In our next spiritual battlefield training for the Spiritual Soldier Series we will look at 12 Ways to Fight the Flesh, Temptation, and Sin. This will shore up any weaknesses or open areas the devil and his demons can get through your defenses.

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