3 Holiness Goals

Since the creation and perfection of the modern vehicle, humans have been able to travel further differences than ever before. Empires could only be as large as the transportation available at the time. When horses were bred for writing, empires began to expand.

People in the Empire could travel farther and manage the empire better. But when the modern vehicle was produced, its ability to move fast was measured in horsepower. No longer did humans need to wear out one horse. They have a whole bunch of horses under the hood.

Holiness is a vehicle to certain goals. Through holiness, we can meet these goals and progress to our ultimate desire. But what are those goals? What is the point of trying to imitate God’s character? Why do we put all of this work and obedience into attempting godliness?

If we attempt to be holy, some goals fall short of the purpose of holiness in our lives. If these are our goals, we’re in it for the wrong reasons.

  1. Perfection – While we are called to perfection in Christ (Matthew 5:48), most people misunderstand what perfection Christ really needs. It doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. The word perfection needs to be mature, just what God wants us to be. It is to be whole and complete. But being perfect is not the goal of holiness. Perfection falls short of the goals and reasons for godly living. It is a byproduct of the path of holiness.
  2. Taking God’s Place – Our goal is not to become God or to take his place. We are human and even in heaven will still be human. We will not even become little gods. We will remain the creatures God has designed us to always be. We cannot usurp his throne on earth and we won’t do it through holiness. Pride and thinking we could do a better job than him was the reason humanity fell in the first place.
  3. Boasting About Ourselves – The journey to holiness isn’t about us. It’s not about waving our amazing character in front of other people. “Look at me!” That attitude flies in the face of godliness and holiness. This isn’t about showing off. Holiness is not another medal to put on our armor.

But there are goals worth pursuing through holy living. Holiness gives us a way to get there. A few of the great goals of holiness and godly living are:

  1. Imitating God’s Character – One of our goals is to imitate God’s character. Holiness flows out of the character of God and we who are becoming like him must also take on that same character. But it’s not about showing off. And it’s not about boasting. It’s about being like the one who saved us and loves us. It’s about being like the one who wants us to be like him. It’s about becoming what he’s always wanted us to be what he created us. Holiness is our vehicle to becoming complete and whole in Jesus. It’s about reaching the full potential of what he made us to reach.
  2. Dwelling in God’s Presence – A holy God cannot dwell within unholy people. Holiness gives us the ability to be in God’s presence with him. It gives us the ability to share in God’s goodness personally. It gives us the ability to hear from God and to speak to him. Although we are not as equals, we are his family, his children. He wants to meet with us and be with us. But it can only come through obtaining the same godliness and holy character that he has.
  3. Pleasing God – Holiness is the best way to please the God that loves us and gave himself for us. Only through holiness can we truly please God. Our obedience to the Holy Spirit warms his heart. Our compassion for others imitates his goodness to us. Learning to be like him and putting that into action puts a smile on God’s face. Because we love him and are grateful for everything he has done for us, we want to please him. Holiness is the best way to accomplish that goal.

Before we pursue holiness and to devote our lives to obedience to the Holy Spirit and godly living, we need to check our hearts and make sure that our goals and purposes for becoming holy are the right goals.

Leave a message in the comments and tell me what you think about these goals. They are lofty goals for us to attempt. But only through the power of the Holy Spirit, the help of God’s Word, and the fellowship of the saints can we attain it.

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