Wisdom to Give

October 9 | 1 Chronicles 22:5

“Then David said, “Solomon, my son, is young and inexperienced the house that is to be built for the Lord must be more than great of reputation and honor in all the lands. Therefore, I myself will make preparation for it. So David prepared in abundance before his death.” (1 Chronicles 22:5)

David had a dream, a desire to build the house of the Lord. But when he was denied by the Lord he still wanted to contribute. It took wisdom for David to begin laying aside the materials needed to build the temple, though he would not build it.

David also prepared the right people to build the temple. He wanted the Temple to be the most magnificent and amazing structure in Israel. But he wanted it to be seen by the world as an amazing place. The Lord deserves nothing less.

David obeyed the voice of the Lord and didn’t build the temple. But he did prepare Solomon for success to build the temple. And his vision of a magnificent structure came to pass through his son. He had a large hand in building that Temple.

You may not be able to fulfill your dream for God. But that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to the godly dreams of other people. God can use you to bless others. And you never know how those dreams will turn out.

Action Step: Be prepared to bless others and see great and godly dreams come to pass through giving your money, time, talents, and resources. Be humble and generous.

Jesus, help me to be humble and generous with other people’s dreams. Like David, I want to pay it forward to the next generation. I know you will bless me as I bless others. Thank you for your goodness and grace toward me.

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