Why Do We Finish Prayers with Amen?

Is ‘Amen’ the last word in the Bible?

Yes, last run of the book of Revelation and the Bible is “Amen” (Revelation 22:21). But the significance of this word must be explained. It comes from the Hebrew word for “established, faithfulness.” It talks about whatever he said being established.

Some people talk about the word meaning “Let it happen as you have said.” This is an accurate understanding of the word. We use it at the end of prayers for this very purpose. It is in agreement with God that what we pray about will be done according to his will.

The significance of Revelation, and the whole Bible, ending with this word is that it asks God to do what is Word says. It ends the prophecy of Revelation, but that’s not all. Not only does it talk about God’s judgment in the end times and the salvation of the Church, but it also describes all of God’s plan of salvation through the Bible coming to pass.

John ends the Bible by asking God to bring forth everything he has promised. The salvation of every Christian comes to pass with Amen. Got establishes his Word. It is a foundational word that brings God’s faithfulness to fulfillment.

Everything you read in the Bible is not only true, but happens and is completed or finished. God’s faithfulness in what he says is confirmed with Amen. We cannot underestimate the significance of this word and why we use it in prayer.

All of human history must agree with God’s will. And all this is behind the simple four letter word Amen. Now it must be backed with the hope of the fulfillment of God’s promises and the faith to see them as completed. We pray in faith and we read the Bible in faith. And God makes it happen.

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