Website Building Services


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You can go to my Contact page and fill out a quick subject line and message to get more information or talk to about your project.

About Website Building Services

I can design and build a website for you especially if you are a church or ministry, or an author. I do my best to keep costs low for both of these groups. If you have another type of organization, I can design a website for you as well.

My Portfolio

Here is a sample of the websites I have designed. Every design is different depending on what you want and what your organization is about.

  • Go Reentry
  • Freedom House of Clearfield County
  • Our Journeys to Hope

  • What to Expect

    My prices are as reasonable as I can make them. You will expect to pay for the creation of a domain (your, the hosting services where I will create and store your files, and either my hourly or whole project rate (discussed in your first consultation call).

    After your domain is set up, and I try to find a reasonable domain and hosting service for you, I will get to work on your website. I will set up a WordPress website for you. I can get started on the basic build and theme, as well as plugins you will need. But I can only do so much without your input as to what images, colors, and text you would like to have on your website. You must give these to me before I get very far. Otherwise, I will be waiting to make any progress on your website.

    I will only ask for payment after your project is complete. Depending on how much maintenance you need, I will either do it for free or will have a monthly payment plan to continue working with your website. These monthly plans are for blogging authors or any content I must continually be adding to the site.

    To get the best idea of what I can do for you, download the PDF documents that describe my website building process and services better.

    Customer Experience

    When you contact, you can expect me to respond within 24 hours. I'm usually much faster than that depending on what other projects I have going on at the time. If you feel I'm not responding fast enough or updating your website in the time you expect, you can always email me and I will do my very best to fit things in your expectations.

    I have several projects going on at any one time. If I am having trouble prioritizing your project over other ones, and you expect me to do so, let me know and I will prioritize you as much as I can. I am always writing blog posts for my own website, making sure it is maintained, and open to ministry opportunities like preaching and teaching when they arise.

    The projects I have that have a deadline received the highest priority. If you have a deadline approach to your website project, please let me know that when you contact me and when we finalize beginning your project. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!