Walking in Truth in a World of Lies

Steve Gallagher

A pastor friend recommended this book to me. The author arranges his book in “books” instead of Parts. The first book describes the deception in the world today. He opens with a wide variety of cultural examples and definitions of deceptions and lies. Our culture of deception makes it hard for a person to trust anyone. But the Christian faith is built on trust in Jesus.

In chapter 1 the author shows how objective truth and our day is being replaced buy relative truth. The church no longer has a voice in the public square. He says that Faith is based on certainty and truth. He compares words in the Bible with truth and deception. He addresses how truth and deception are taking place in our society today.

In chapter 2, the author also describes the educational and academic systems today. He talks about the enlightenment and how it became an enemy of Biblical truth. Socialist Philosophy invaded the economic System and education. It promised Great things but didn’t deliver. Education teachers that we must have diversity. But diversity destroys all the groups it is supposed to honor. Evolution is a belief system that has invaded educational institutions. Liberals have taken over there educational system add taught their beliefs instead of facts. They don’t teach critical thinking.

In chapter 3, the author explores what big business has done to our society. Savvy entrepreneurs transformed America by the beginning of the 20th century. It transformed American ideas, drawing us away from religion and in to the good life and the American dream. People chased after their desires instead of focusing on God’s desires for them. Entrepreneurs use psychology to sell their goods. Businesses have taught us how to deceive one another. Deception is based in two our understanding of what to buy. We have learned to accept deception as part of our experience.

Chapter 4 moves to describe how media has been lying to us. He describes how technology has changed our culture for the worse. Communications have advanced media. Technology has changed communications forever. Media companies figured out how to make money through advertisements. He gives a history of radio and television. The media is full of liberal bias. Media concerns itself with profit more than truth.

In chapter 5, the author explores the internet, and how it has affected American and Church culture. The Internet is destroying teenagers. He gives a history of hell the Internet came to be. Companies leveraged the internet for social media websites and search engines like Google and Facebook. But in so doing, they have ways to get your personal information. These companies can control you, change your views, and censure you if you don’t like like what you say. The problem with the Internet is that the truth and lies live together side-by-side. It’s up to the user to discover the truth if he has the time or the expertise.

Next, the author addresses the political system that is lying to you. Politics polarizes the nation. Everyone is lying to you. The deep state has more control then we know. Winning is more important to politicians then the truth. He goes through A series of I little bit of statements and how they score” truth neither”. Government officials regularly lie to the people. We now have a term for it – post-truth politics. Government agencies are now deceiving one another. We expect the government is lying to us.

The final industry he describes is the pornography industry. This industry has become acceptable in our culture. The Internet and technology have made it a household problem. He gives a definition of pornography and a history of it. It’s been around for a long time. The modern industry makes all kinds of sexual fantasies available. It promotes sexual fantasies, and that they should be acted upon. He also explains how the brain works and how pleasure affects a person. He presents five lies of the pornography industry.

In Book 2, the author dives into the spiritual lies of the enemy. The author begins by telling his personal story of wickedness and deception. He begins chapter 1 by talking about the Devil as the snake. He was the first deceiver. He gives the names and other descriptions of the devil in the Bible. Then he gives a history of Satan from the Bible. The devil is an excellent communicator who uses religion to dupe people into false belief systems.

In chapter 2, the author talks about the power behind Satan’s lies. He plays off the phone sinful desires and wickedness of people. He is especially after Christians to try to turn them away from God. Only the truth of Scripture can combat the wickedness and deception of people.

In chapter 3, he describes the first seduction in the Garden of Eden. He talks about his observations from Genesis 3 and his thoughts on how the serpent so easily deceived Adam and eve. Chapter four presents Satan’s lies about sin. He wants people to think sin is not as dangerous as it seems. The devil wants us to take a laid-back attitude toward sin. He gives seven deceptions the temperature tries to keep from those temptations.

In chapter 5, the author discusses personal integrity. We must have integrity so that our private life is the same as our public life. Hypocrisy is another way two deceive people. People live two lives opposed to one another. Hypocrisy can infect the church and be a religious curtain to hide behind.

In chapter 6, the author talks about the eternal Word of God. We must have a deep unshakable faith in God’s Word. Heresies can invade the Church if we do not no what we believe. We must cherish God’s Word more than anything else. We must have more of God’s Word in our hearts th8n the things of the world.

In chapter 7, he talks about when the truth hurts. We need to have such a need for the truth that were willing to take the pain of discovering it. He provides an example of the pain he suffered to be close to God. We must remain humble in God’s blessing. The author asks if you will respond God’s instruction and discipline.

Chapter 8 is about God desiring the truth. The author gives three reasons why God desires truth. We must come to God recognizing sinful desires that live inside of us. He wants to transform our inner most being so He can dwell with us. We must confess before God.

In Book 3, the author moves to talk about deception in the last days. He begins my talking about the judicial system. Attorneys are more concerned with making money than getting at the truth.  

In chapter 1, the author talked about the death of a nation. He examined the religious life and idolatry of Judah. Jeremiah prophesied the brazen deception of Judah. He tried to convince that there was one more opportunity, but he was imprisoned for his prophecies. The people became too familiar with the things of God. Time ran out and God’s Wrath was poured out. America is in a worse predicament than Judah right now.

Chapter 2 is about the wholesale rejection of truth. Many sermons and stories about the end times Focus on the rapture and the antichrist. But the Bible emphasizes the deception and spiritual death of the world. The Bible says many Christians will be deceived. How will this happen? The devil has been deceiving them for years. They will arrogantly follow the antichrist. The pulpits of America are empty, giving 30 minute services that do little to help their people. Rejecting the truth happens in small increments. People will turn away from the real truth because they want something else.

In chapter 3, the author addresses false teaching and false teachers. People need to trust their leaders. The Old Testament talks a lot about false teachers add prophets. The author gives a list of characteristics of false teachers and prophets. We look outside the Church for these false prophets, but they are inside the Church.

Chapter 4 is about Satan’s first great lie that obedience it’s optional. He talks about falsities the Bible describes. The Bible clearly teachers that it’s possible to fall away from the faith. They need to know persevere in the face for the Christian walk. False prophets are saying you don’t have to stop sinning just get to heaven. They call it legalism.

Chapter 5 is Satan’s second great lie that perfect fulfillment is found in good circumstances. It is built on half truths. True fulfillment comes from God. False teachers talk more about God’s blessings here and now. Believers cannot have a little of both worlds. The Bible describes joy in heaven.

In chapter 6, the author describes the third great lie of Satan. States it’s a lie that people can attend church and guarantee that they become Christians. The format of Christian discipleship is in the church, but the love of Christ has died. We have correct theology but we lack the power of the Spirit. People need to witness Jesus in an experience instead of just believe in the doctrines of the Church.

The first appendix goes through the Bible and shows the original language terms for truth and how they are used. The second appendix tracks deception through the Bible. The third appendix covers false teachers, prophets, and apostles. The fourth appendix talks about perseverance in the truth. It gives Scripture references for how to persevere.

The author does a thorough job of describing how deception and lies have pervaded our culture, spiritual systems, and in the last days. I’m glad this book is on my shelf, seeing that deception has become part of America’s walk of life. We need to know it before we can address it. If you see deception in the world today, this is a great book to pick up and read. The author helps you see deception all around you. I highly recommend this book to you!

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