Unshakable Faith

March 26 | Job 19:25

“And I know my Redeemer lives, and at the last He will stand on the earth.” (Job 19:25)

Faith is hard to explain to unbelievers. They think it is blindness, a hope in the unlikely future for us. Some think faith is a crutch us weak believers hold on to for dear life. They think it’s a pipe dream, a long shot, our inability to accept reality.

Frankly, I’d rather be a dreamer about heaven than have to live with a bleak outlook on life. Even if we’re wrong about God and heaven, dying with no afterlife would be a surprise, but at least our life was not miserable looking toward it. Unbelievers live a miserable life thinking there’s nothing when they die. But what happens if they didn’t believe in God and He is the first face they see after life?

Job was sure of his beliefs. He knew God was real, and that one day he would meet Him. He calls God the Redeemer, the one who buys him back. God has bought you back from sin, shame, Held, and the grave. He doesn’t make you pay a cent for His blessings.

Some preachers say things like, “Do you know that you know that you know…” It’s not good English, but the point is clear. We know beyond human knowledge that God is real and we will meet Him one day. I think Job was looking forward to it. We will be with Him in the end. But we don’t have to wait until then.

Action Step: Thank Jesus that He redeems your life. Do you have unshakable faith like Job? Do you know beyond any doubt Jesus is coming for you in the flesh?

Lord Jesus, I know you have bought me back from all kinds of evil. Reassure my heart one more time that what I read in the Bible is not a dream or a fairytale. Help me to see that this story is my story.

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