Turn or Burn

We are all familiar with the man on the corner of the street with a sign, “turn or burn!” Most Christians are uncomfortable with the image and the message. But then we think, “At least that guy’s out there showing his faith.”

But I would question the message and the effectiveness. It’s not technically wrong, but a slogan like this leaves the message of grace out of the equation. Slogans are one of the worst ways to share our faith. They are too short and pithy to incorporate the full truth of the Gospel.

There is so much more a person needs to know before they begin to follow Jesus. Conquistadors forcing religion down people’s throats didn’t truly convert most of them. They would practice their pagan religions behind the conquistadors back. Forcing religion on people is almost never effective.

How many people can truly love of God who forces them against their will? The confrontational style of evangelism may actually fit some people. To them I say, have at it! But for most of us, we need another way to share our faith that fits her personality.

What type of personality do you have when it comes to sharing your faith? How are you most comfortable when you tell others about Jesus? Leave a message in the comments below.

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