Truth Battles

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Have you ever told someone about Jesus and they said, “That may work for you, but it doesn’t work for me”? If they are not suggesting Jesus only works for certain people, they combat you on every single fact you raise.

Because of secularism, pluralism and relativity, people are generally confused about the issue of truth. Secularists refuse to allow any one religion to be expressed. Pluralists tell you you can have any combination you want, have your cake and eat it too. And relativists couldn’t decide on an issue if their life was at stake.

There was a man in the time of Jesus who had the same problems. Pontius Pilate ruled as governor of Judea only because he was a pragmatist. He chose whatever truth kept him in power. He was always finding compromises between the Romans and the Jews.

This is subjective truth. It’s whatever truth works for you. This truth highlights situations in which one role could be observed, but in a change of environment or circumstance, another rule about the same subject would work. It’s often used by postmoderns.

But most people work with absolute truth. This is the idea that something is always true no matter what the circumstances. Underline morality on this level. One example of absolute truth is the law of gravity. There may be less gravity on the moon then on earth, but there is always gravity.

Christians tend to be proclaiming absolute truth in the Bible while all of the postmoderns and relativists around them are proclaiming subjective truth. There like two ships passing in the night. We are always missing one another on these two issues of truth.

And Christians don’t realize there is a third, more accurate option. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). When Pilate stood in that room with Jesus at his trial, he asked, “What is truth?” But he stormed out of the room before Jesus could answer.

In a world where we can agree on absolute and subjective truth, is there another way to frame the conversation? Absolutely! The third, and ultimate type of truth, is personable truth. All truth finds its proper place in the person of Jesus. All truth was put in place by God. When you know the Author Of Life, the Creator of the Universe, you are in the center of all truth.

Arguments about the truth are not about winning or having a better example of truth. They are about introducing people to the Ultimate Truth, Jesus, the Savior never lies about who we are and what he can do for us. This is the person of truth we aim to share with those around us.

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  1. Colleen

    Thanks for addressing my concerns regarding the reactions I sometimes receive when sharing my faith. Yes! Jesus is THE TRUTH whether one acknowleges that truth or not.

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