These are some of the tools that I use in writing my blog, researching theology and Christian matters, and other tools and resources I use.

There are affiliate links from companies and people I have partnered with that have produced software and products I use and love. I find that they are useful for me and may help you in the same areas they help me.

Bible and Theology

Logos Bible Software is the most comprehensive tool I have ever needed as I studied the Bible. They have everything from commentaries to Bible handbooks to specialty tools for every project. Plus, you can start for only $35!


My favorite writing tool right now for books and all things literature is Scrivener . It’s one of the best tools for moving sections of the chapter around. I also like it’s corkboard feature and some other great things that are just for writers.

Any time I am about to start a new book, especially a nonfiction book, I turn to Scapple. It’s a mind mapping software that’s very easy to use and quite inexpensive. It gives you the best visual tool to see how everything is connected in your book.

One of the best editing tools that I use right now is ProWritingAid. It has comprehensive tools not only for grammar checking but also for taking your writing to the next level. It is especially good for writers. Get 20% off!

I like to use a timer when I write so I can figure out ho and how much of a word count I can rack up. The best timer I found for me, completely customizable, with audible alarms (very helpful so I don’t switch to that program to check my time) is Snap Timer. It’s completely free to boot!

WriteMonkey is a word processor for writers that get distracted. It provides a minimal approach All you see is a blank page. It allows you to write without wanting to click away from the screen. It also has word counts and timers. And, the best part, it’s FREE!

Focus Writer is a great tool for distracted writers. It provides a minimal approach to writing so that you won’t be distracted by a ton of menu items. And it’s FREE!

Blogs and Blog Posts