The Veil

an invitation to the unseen realm
Blake K. Healy

This is an interesting, unusual book. I have not read anything like it before. It definitely held my interest the whole time. Healy tells his story of having a gift to see the spiritual realm. He arranges the book around his personal story and how he can help others see the supernatural realm.

In Part 1 of his story, the author begins by talking about how he could see the spiritual realm visually from his childhood. First, he talks about seeing demons he was very young, and he could see them around people. They tended to be around people when their lives were physical danger or they were afraid.

In Part 2, the author describes angels and talks about what they would look like and how they were around every person he saw. He would to the person in the natural, and then he saw their personal angel with them. He does not call them guardian angels. But he said every person have one. His descriptions are fascinating.

In Part 3, he learned his gift did not have to remain only his. He could coach other people on how to begin to see the supernatural realm. He began helping people to see what he was seeing. Many of them started small and could only focus on part of a room or a person. Certain gifts help some people see better and faster than others.

He describes potential blockages to being able to see in the spiritual realm. The author also gives helpful insights and further reading in the appendices. Of this third part of the book was extremely informative and helpful.

I had not considered a gift where you could see the spiritual realm of Angels and Demons before. However, it could be very helpful for fighting in spiritual warfare. Seeing what is happening in the spiritual realm is an incredible gift and advantage. Being able to help others began to see things in the supernatural realm is also a treasure to the Church.

I recommend this book to anyone who has spiritual gifts that align with the spiritual realm, such as the distinguishing of spirits, gifts of the word of wisdom and knowledge, and even gifts of faith. I enjoyed reading about Blake’s amazing gift. We often don’t think about the spiritual realm much. And yet, we live in it every day without realizing it. I highly recommend this book to you to give you a perspective of what’s happening all around you when you don’t realize it it’s a fascinating read!

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