The Return of the Gods

By Jonathan Cahn

They’re back! The gods of the ancient world, the Canaanites, the Babylonians, Greece, and Rome were sidelined by Christianity and paganism alike. But the West, and America, have allowed them to come back and invade society, culture, entertainment, and religion. Jonathan Cahn presents a convincing argument for the return of these gods into American society today.

He presents evidence that three of the most prominent gods of Old Testament times that turned: Baal, Ishtar (Ashtereth in the Old Testament), and Molek. These gods pulled Israel away from Yahweh have now turned America away from Jesus and God. The first of these gods is Baal. He is the king of the gods, the God of fertility and the weather. Farmers prayed to and worshiped Baal in hopes of a good crop.

Baal opened the door to the other gods who invaded Israel, and now invade America. Cahn gives convincing evidence of how Baal has become a god America worships through our economy and other parts of our society. His sign and image is the bull, a key image in economic circles. Cahn goes into great to tell about how Baal is worshiped in America today.

He opens the door to his wife, Ishtar (Ashtereth in the Old Testament). This goddess is responsible for sexualizing everything in the culture. When the Israelites turned to her, they made light of sex and made it more public. The same thing is happening in America today. Baal open this up to other gods, and she has trashed the intimacy of sexual relationships between husband and wife.

The author explains in detail what she was, all the names she goes by the ancient societies, and what she does. It’s a fascinating part of the book. He further goes on to explain her effects in America today. She was not only the feminine goddess who sexualized everything in culture. She also claimed to switch from male to female. Much of what is happening with the homosexual, transvestite, and transgender issues of our day is her responsibility.

The final god the author speaks of is Molek. He is the god to whom the Israelites brought their children and sacrificed them in fire. We can’t imagine parents doing this to their children, but the Israelites were worshiped this god, and this is what he demanded. Today, the next generation faces an onslaught of issues that make them question their identity, their beliefs, and indoctrinate them.

Cahn hits home the truth about Molek through the millions of babies aborted in the United States. Most people see abortion as a political or moral issue, but it is a spiritual one. Every baby sacrificed to Molek is a spiritual act of worship to this false god. If you want to rescue the children of the next generation, you must understand Molek, and what he does. Save

The author brings the book to a close by summarizing the main points of the book and talking about the God above all gods, Jesus. He is the God who puts all gods under Himself. Though the Gods have returned on America’s stage, Jesus is the God who returns them to their place in history. Only Jesus can undo what the gods have done to America. It is to Him we must turn in these perilous times.

I appreciate this well-researched work. He supplies a lot of detail that helps you understand these gods, what they have done in the past, and what they are doing to America now. I also enjoyed reading Jonathan Cahn’s applications to our world today in America. Unless you understand how these ancient gods are reasserting themselves and their power in new ways, you will not be able to defend yourself, your faith, or Jesus. The author gives you all the information you need. The question is, what will you to with it. It is my favorite and best read so far this year. I highly recommend you read this must read for today!

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