The Lord’s Healing

July 31 | Psalms 6:2

“Be gracious, O Lord, for I am frail. Heal me, O Lord, for my bones are horrified.” (Psalm 6:2)

We cry out to God in our deepest moments of despair. He is there and He does many things in His presence. There is no better place to be to experience all of His redeeming actions in us. He can do in moments what could take years.

It’s in these moments of despair that your Healer is nearby. We are too tied to this physical earth. We think of a doctor before we think of our great Physician. It’s not that Jesus doesn’t use doctors and medical professionals. He has given them great wisdom to help us.

Do you turn to doctors and medicine before you turn to prayer? Come first to Jesus and He will heal you. He gives you complete healing. Every ache and pain Jesus understands. There is nothing beyond His power.

The Lord wants to pour out his grace on you. But He must be your Source, the one you come to first. The essence of faith is trusting Jesus with the things you cannot change. It’s not out of desperation. It’s by choice.

There are times when we have nowhere else to turn. He takes our requests then also. But in our modern era so many choices distract us from coming to Him first. Retrain yourself to seek Jesus first for your healing. Don’t be surprised when He answers your prayer in the midnight hour.

Action Step: Go to Jesus first with your sickness, disease, and disorder. Trust is abundant power to heal you. Seek Him before you go anywhere else.

Jesus, I seek You first for my healing. No one else can heal me like You. I know You will do it in an extraordinary way that proclaims Your name and brings many into Your Kingdom. I give You all the glory and praise for the healing You are doing in me.

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