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After you tell your story, what should you do next? You gathered up all the courage to walk up to someone and tell them how Jesus changed your life. That’s awesome! But what you do next? How do you end the conversation?

Most of the time I have shared my story, people have asked me questions. Sometimes they are questions about my personal story, but other times they are questions burning on their minds about Christianity that they never thought they could ask.

But there are other times when the person you are sharing your faith with doesn’t really push the conversation onward. Here’s a simple way to end the conversation without ending the conversation.

Every pastor of every church once you to invite people to the church. It’s about sharing the faith with others, but it can be daunting for the visitor. One of the best ways to end your conversation about Jesus is to invite people to church.

I know that’s a crazy proposition because some churches aren’t ready for visitors. I realize that. Not every church in America shares a salvation message at some point during their meetings. But there is no better way to continue the conversation after the conversation.

Here are some suggestions on how to master the invitation and still be genuine:

  • Invite them to a special event. If the Sunday church service won’t work for them, try inviting them to a men’s group, women’s group, life group, or even a special event held just for people interested in the faith. This gives them a chance to get to know a few other Christians before they feel overwhelmed. It also gives them a sense of belonging.
  • Give them a tract or invitation card. Many invitation cards already have the information so you don’t have to do a lot of explaining. Also, if you use tracks, make sure they deal with something the person has mentioned to you. Also, as a personal favor, don’t give them a tract from 1950.
  • Make it simple and don’t apologize. Many times people apologetically invite people to church. “This is the church I go to. There are really great people even if the building is old.” Let them make their own decisions about attending and forming their own opinion about their experience.

If they take you up on your offer:

  • Welcome them, introduce them, and sit with them. If you brought someone, you need to be completely involved in making them feel comfortable and welcome. If you don’t do it, chances are no one in the church will.
  • Introduce them to the pastor. Whether it’s the pastor preaching or a pastor that would fit their life circumstance (youth pastor for teens, newlywed pastor for newlyweds, seniors pastor for senior citizens, etc.), you need to show them someone can continue to guide them.
  • Take them out to lunch. Don’t let the church be the last thing they see or hear. Take them out to eat, foot the bill, demonstrate Christian behavior, and ask them if they have questions or comments. This is not about saving the soul. This is about connecting with someone who needs Jesus.
  • Make yourself available to them any time you need you. Sharing your faith is the beginning of a relationship. It’s the first step not only in helping someone know Jesus but also in helping them grow. We must be concerned with a person rather than a notch and are spiritual belt.

Some of these steps may help you as you share your faith. The most important take away from this post is not sharing your faith is the first step in the process of sharing yourself as well as Jesus. Leave a comment and tell me what other steps you think are important in sharing the invitation.

If they take you up on your offer:

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  1. Vuyo Ngcakani

    These are great ideas Pastor. I like how you said…..suggestions on how to master the invitation and still be genuine. People know when you actually care or when they are just a project. Good post.

    1. Jonathan Srock

      Thank you Vuyo! That’s very kind of you. Anything I write like this is only meant to help the Christian community. I appreciate your kind words. And you are right. People know when you care.

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