The Fish Guts Express

October 20 | Jonah 1:17

“But the Lord appointed a great fish and it happened that Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.” (Jonah 1:17)

There’s a reason the phrase, “It smells fishy in here,” exists. If you’ve ever seen Grumpy Old Men you remember how much a fish was in the background of the whole movie. My favorite part is at the end when the one guy hides the fish in the “Just Married” car right before they leave.

But the smelly big fish was not a laughing matter for Jonah. When the Gentiles hurls him into the sea he thought he would finally get away from God. Boy was he ever wrong! Instead, part of God’s judgment was to live in the belly of a big fish for three days and three nights.

Jonah didn’t know God was transporting him to Nineveh. He probably thought he was fish bait. So in the belly of the big fish he prays for God’s forgiveness. Some scholars think he pieced together other parts of prayers.

Whether Jonah was genuine in his prayer or not God surely listened to him. Maybe there were two destinations depending on his repentant heart or not. Jonah gets vomited on dry land, finding himself much closer to Nineveh than he originally planned. God’s will would be done.

Action Step: When God calls you He will use you in great ways. He continues to push you toward His plan in your life. Don’t fear you won’t end up where God wants you. But it goes much smoother when you submit to His will.

Jesus, I never want to get away from Your will for my life. Guide me to Your will. Help me to walk the path You’ve laid out for me. I want to please You in everything I do.

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