The Big Reveal

I have worked on Healed in the Name of Jesus for over a year. Much of that was a deep dive into what the Bible says about healing. Some of it was recounting and recalling my story up to this point. And all that came together, along with research to bring this book into the world.

I started work on the graphic design for the book cover over a month ago. But I ran into a problem. I had no idea how I wanted the book to look other than having my picture in my wheelchair, the title and subtitle, and my name. On the back cover, I was just going to do what I always do. Put my picture and short bio, and a description of the book.

It’s what I do for all the book covers the design myself. But since I couldn’t think of anything else to do, I considered hiring someone to do it. I was new to this whole process. But I stepped out and tried it. I looked on Fiverr to see if I can find someone who would design it and not be too expensive. I don’t make much from my books, usually not enough for the book to break even.

But I don’t write for myself, or to get rich. I write according to what God has given me to do. I’m not trying to be spiritual. I just listen to what He wants me to write, and I obey as best I can in print. It’s the same as when I write sermons and deliver them. I seek to make Jesus pleased with me, because pleasing Jesus is the only one I need the planes.

I found a great graphic design artist, but I didn’t know it when I hired him for the book cover. You can see above the awesome job he did for this cover. I highly recommend Alabi Gbenga Emmanuel if you can’t find anyone else to design your book. But he does way more than that, as you would see if you looked at his profile. I hope you like the cover as much as I do.

I also have an editor I find hits me and my books like a glove. She has the theological background of the seminary I attended. When she edits my book, she does not just edit the words. She helps me consider the book concept and how well I fulfill it through the chapters and pages of the book. She also makes sure all my verse references are correct, and even challenges the theology when it’s a bit off or I worded it differently than I should. I highly recommend her as well. Go to Lois Olena’s website if you need an editor for anything biblical or Christian. The book is getting a final proofread right now from beta readers, and after getting their feedback, I will publish the book. It is set to be published on all major platforms to buy books and e-books January 17. I hope you’re as excited to read the book as I am to publish it and share it with you. In the coming weeks, I will have quotations from the book and talk a little bit about its subjects. So stay tuned, and get ready!

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