The Best for Now

August 29 | John 2:10

“And said to him, “Every person first sets out the good wine until they are drunk, then the lesser wine. You had withheld the good wine until now.”” (John 2:10)

There is a wide opinion on alcohol throughout our country. Even among Christians. Some people use Jesus making wine from water as a defense for their own practices. Other people are very conservative and strict.

But there is much more to learn in Jesus’ first sign of His divinity. The water Jesus transformed was placed in special ceremonial jars for spiritual and physical washing, called mikveh jars. Each stone jar was about 6 feet tall.

People would dunk themselves in these jars to wash their bodies of dirt and sweat. But more significant was the spiritual washing of sin. Imagine the look on the faces of the servants when the master of the feast drank this nasty water.

But they were surprised to hear him exclaim that it was the best tasting wine he had ever had! Jesus saves the best for last. He takes the nasty, grimy, sinful parts of you and transforms you, saves you, to be the holiest and purest of spirits and souls.

Jesus changes who you are from the inside out. He takes the bathwater of your wickedness and transforms it into the pure wine of His Spirit. You are not the same as you were before He changed you.

Action Step: You were a sinner and now are saved by Jesus’ grace. He has made you a new creature in Him. You walk as a child of the light.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your salvation. You have transformed me from wickedness to righteousness, from darkness to light. I will glorify You as this new creation. I am so full of gratitude for what You have done for me.

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