Prosperity gospel

Image by Kevin Schneider from Pixabay Who prospers under the prosperity gospel? The prosperity gospel has become very popular in our day and age. It takes scriptures about prosperity that God gives his children and massages them into false teachings. God does speak about prosperity, but it is conditional. For…

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Prosperity Gospel

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay What is “prosperity gospel” and do all denominations teach it? Prosperity gospel has several facets to it. The main idea is that if you are a Christian, God blesses you with wealth and health. When you give money to God or the…

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Faith in a Box
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There are some interesting movements that have been around now for a while. These movements have been called by several different names such as the Word of Faith movement, Name It Claim It, and generally, the hyper-faith movements. I have never been comfortable with these people, who are usually on…

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