March 29 | Job 38:4

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding,” (Job 38:4)

I have rarely been put in my place for something I said. It happens to all of us. Sometimes we say something out of turn or think we’re right when we don’t understand the situation. Job reacted to losing his wealth, children, and his wife’s confidence. He didn’t understand why God would do this to him.

But Job also didn’t know that God allowed these things to happen, but He didn’t do them. He allowed Satan to persecute Job. His divine purpose showed Job’s faithfulness to Satan because Satan thought Job was only faithful to God because God blessed him. When Satan removed God’s blessing, Job remained faithful.

When Job complained that he did not deserve what happened to him, God responded at the end of the book. He reminded Job that He is sovereign and Job knew so little of God’s power and plans. God asked Job where he was when God created the world. Job had no response to God’s questions.

You may be suffering a trial without knowing why you must go through it. You cry out to God and ask Him to take the trial way, but He does not. We may not get an answer when we ask God why we must suffer reproach and persecution. God does not have to answer us.

He is sovereign, and He has a purpose in our suffering. We must surrender ourselves to His sovereign plan and allow Him to show His glory and power through our weakness.

Action Step: Surrender your doubts, fears, and suffering to Jesus. He understands, but He will be glorified in your trial. He has a divine plan you may not understand now.

Jesus, I am suffering persecution and trial. I don’t understand Your plan or what You get out of this trial. But I trust You. I know you will take care of me. Thank You for Your sufficient grace to overcome this trial.

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