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As righteous as Stephen was before he was stoned, why didn’t he write any of the books of the Bible?

All of the books of the New Testament were written by either apostles, those who had first-hand eyewitness account from an apostle who influenced the writing of the book or knew Jesus on a first-hand basis.

This was the general rule for acceptance of one of the New Testament books in the early church councils. But it all comes down to which books the Holy Spirit testified with the church that he inspired the writer of the book.

  • Matthew was an apostle who wrote Matthew.
  • John Mark used the eyewitness testimony of Peter to write Mark.
  • Luke traveled with Paul when he wrote Acts and researched and used historical eyewitness testimony for the Gospel of Luke.
  • John the apostle wrote the Gospel of John, 1-3 John and Revelation.
  • Paul was an apostle who had an eyewitness account of Jesus during his conversion in Acts 9, we counted three times in the book of Acts. He wrote Romans-Philemon, 13 New Testament books.
  • The writer of Hebrews is the only one we don’t know who the author was. The author does not tell us to he is anywhere in the book. But he was well-versed in Scripture and it is clear that the Holy Spirit inspired him to write.
  • James was the pastor of the Jerusalem church and wrote the book of James.
  • Peter was an apostle and wrote 1-2 Peter.
  • Jude was a brother of Jesus and wrote Jude.

Stephen was connected with the apostles and chosen by them to do the ministry of the deacon (Acts 6:1-6). But this job entailed that he was a manager or steward within the church. Because he did not have a direct connection with Jesus as an apostle, this is one of the reasons he did not write.

Aside from this, if he would have written a book, it would’ve been in consideration by the Holy Spirit and the church during one of the councils. As far as we know, he didn’t write any books.

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