2019 Sermons

Four Pillars of Thanksgiving

November 24 | Hollentown A/G

Our world is full of anger and selfishness. During the Thanksgiving season, we refocus on being thankful for all of God's goodness and good gifts. I talked about God's good gifts from various passages.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

November 24 | Access Kids

Because Daniel was obedient and continued to pray even though the law said no, he ended up in a lions' den. God still protected him, sending an angel to shut the mouths of the lions and keep them from eating him despite their hunger. I preach from Daniel 6 about how God protected Daniel and used him to change the mind and heart of the king.

The Big Ask

August 7| AHarvest Community Church, Jupiter FL

What's wanting you are afraid to ask God because it seems too big to you for Him to answer? In this sermon, I talk about God's power and willingness to answer our prayers, even for the big things. What's big to us is not been to God, from Matthew 7:7-11.

Postures for Power

January 13 | State College Access Church

How does Ephesians describe the power of believers in Jesus? In my sermon, I address the different stances of believers, from Ephesians 1:20, 2:6, 4:25, and 6:10-14.