Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing for Me and Why?

I like to self-publish my books for now. Why?

Traditional publishers take at least a year and a half from start to finish. If you can get a book deal with them, you must work with editors who may change your original manuscript for content. You still get a say, but that depends on how good your literary agent is. Oh, and you must get a literary agent that thinks your book is worth pitching to these traditional publishers.

Do I ever want to go the traditional publishing route someday? Of course! But I don’t have the platform for the unique idea I am willing to spend up to three years waiting to have out in the world. Someday, I will try that route. But for now, self-publishing suits what I’m doing. I tell people about the book I’m working on, and the first question is, “When will it be available?” Self-publishing makes that a question of months or a year.

So, what do I have left to do? Writing the devotions for each day is finished! Only one more really hard part to do – translations! You might be asking yourself, “Why does he have to translate anything?” The answer is simple. I am cheap. Rather, I want to make the most profit out of my hard work. That’s one of the reasons I self-publish right now. The other reason I self-publish is to get my books out there faster.

What I mean by translating Scripture saving me money is that I don’t have to pay royalties to whatever version I would use. Except for the KJV, which is public domain and can be used free, just about every other version of the Bible is copyrighted. As much as I quote Scripture in my books, translating myself means I don’t have to pay a copyrighted version.

I’ve been translating Scripture for quite a while, and so it comes fairly easy to me. I do my best to bring out the original languages and their word order and syntax. I want to give you the context without moving everything around as much as possible.

With all the devotions written, the only thing left is translation before I begin editing. I have about ^eight translations for the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day segment of the book. Then it’s onto editing, which I hope will not take me too long. The benefit of making the book is the extra devotionals that don’t show up on my website every day of the year.

That’s where I am in the process. The progress I’m making even while having to switch from side to side every two hours is actually pretty good. I’m hoping my next update will be that I’m in the editing process and making major strides toward getting the whole book edited. I also need to get together some possible titles and subtitles for the book, and let people know on social media and my website that I want to know what they think should be a good title. With all this work still ahead of me, and moving my publishing date back to the end of June or sometime in July, I need to learn how to be reasonable with my goals. With all that said, it’s time to get back to translating and editing. Until next time…

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