Seeing the Son of Man

September 30 | Revelation 1:12-16

“Then I turned to see the voice speaking to me, and turning I saw seven golden lampstands and in the midst of the lampstands, one like a son of man clothed down to his feet and having a golden sash girded Around His Chest. Now The Hairs Of His Head Were Also White, Like White Wool, Like Snow, And His Eyes Were Like A Flame Of Fire And His Feet Like Burnished Bronze, Like Inflamed In A Furnace, And His Voice Like The Roar Of Many Waters. Now He Had In His Right Hand Seven Stars And Out Of His Mouth Came A Sharp Double-Edged Sword, And His Face Like The Sun Shines In Its Full Capacity.” (Revelation 1:12–16)

Many people have seen Jesus throughout history. Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus in person. The disciples walked with Jesus for three and a half years. But no one saw Jesus the way John did that Sunday morning.

Suffering for his faith as a political prisoner on the island of Patmos John worshiped on Sunday and heard a booming voice behind him. He turned around, to see Jesus in a new light. He walked with Jesus all those years. He had seen the risen Lord walk through walls.

But this was different. Jesus had white hair, dressed in a different robe, had fire in His eyes, was holding stars, in the middle of lampstands. Who wouldn’t be surprised by such a familiar Person looking so unfamiliar?

How do you see Jesus? Is he the Good Shepherd holding the lamb? Or is He the risen and conquering Lord John saw?

Action Step: Imagine Jesus as John saw Him. Which part of the image sticks out to you? Meditate on what that image means to you today.

Risen Lord, I bow at your feet. As familiar as I am with You let me never take Your awesome power and sovereignty for granted. I worship you for who You are, not how I see You.

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