School of the Presence

Walking in the Power, Intimacy, and Authority on Earth As It Is in Heaven
Kynan Bridges

Bridges creates a great book about living and operating in the presence of God. This is not just about God’s presence, but how to walk in His presence and see the power and authority of God’s presence in your life every day.

He begins to talk about how we can live in God’s presence now, and that it can be on earth and in us as it is in heaven. In chapter 2, Bridges writes about the mountaintop experiences we have with God. These come from the passages in the Bible like Mount Sinai and the Mount of Transfiguration. On mountains, people saw God in His presence and as He truly is. We can have those experiences today.

In chapters 3-5, the author talks about having intimacy with God through His presence. We can have a special relationship with God. Since Jesus’s death on the cross, the veil of the Most Holy Place has been torn, and God’s intimate presence shared only once on one day can now be our normal experience with God. Experience with God is not about a religion. It is a relationship we have with Him every day.

He transitioned from the intimacy of God’s presence to the power of His presence we can walk in throughout the day as a ministry to others. We can live in the presence of God, but also minister from His presence. In chapter 7, he talks about the importance of seeing you we are in Christ, as God sees us. But then we take that same ability to see ourselves as God sees us to see in others as God sees them. When we see people healed, delivered, and living for God, we can minister more effectively to them. Chapter 8 shows us how to release the supernatural in ministry to others because of our relationship with God and living in His presence.

Bridges begins writing on the authority of the believer in chapter 9. He talks about walking in that authority every day. We have authority because of God’s presence dwelling in us. He also gives three hindrances to ministering in the authority of God. In chapter 10, the author goes into more detail about how the Holy Spirit is God’s power to ministering through us. Because His power is in us, we can minister to others effectively.

We also don’t have to walk in fear because of God’s presence in us in chapter 11. Christians walked in fear because they do not realize their authority, God’s power, and the intimacy they can have with Jesus. We don’t have to be afraid of anything because we walk with God. Fear has no place when we trust in God with faith.

In chapters 12 and 13, the author talks about the position of power for the believer. It makes a difference between really and power. Authority is having the authority of Jesus and Scripture. Power is the ability of God given to us for a ministry to others. He then writes about eternity invading time. He talks about two types of time and how they differ for the Christian.

Bridges tells us about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and its importance for every believer to experience the full power of God. This is the abundant life God wants for every Christian. Through Holy Spirit power we experience God ministering through us. The final chapter, the author highlights the glory of God in our lives and the difference between God’s glory and the anointing. I thought this was a great chapter.

I appreciate the positive and encouraging approach by the author in this book. It’s important for Christians to know that they can walk in the presence of God every day. The book was also strong in showing practical ways we can do this. I had trouble with some of the constant references to Hebrew and Greek words. At times, the author stretched their meaning to fit his use in the book. This is a helpful book for people who are interested in how to live in God’s presence and experience intimacy, power, and authority in their walk with God and their ministry to others. Of the books I have read so far on the presence of God, this was one of the better ones. Any Christian reader can get something out of the book.

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