Say the Word

July 21 | Matthew 8:8

“But the centurion answered saying, “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word, and my servant will be healed.” (Matthew 8:8)

We have all kinds of tactics we think will work to move God’s hand. We go to giant services where preachers with the gift of healing are preaching. We buy healing water or a healing blanket from a televangelist.

But you don’t need any of that. God can heal you laying alone in your bed. The centurion responded with more faith than anyone in Israel. Just as he expected his soldiers to obey his commands, he expected his servant’s sickness to flee at Jesus’ word.

Most people asked Jesus to be physically present for their healing. But this centurion believed Jesus’ word was more than enough. Even though Jesus offered to come and heal him this Roman soldier believed in his authority in place of his presence.

God is everywhere present and you trust in his presence. God can do more in a moment in his presence than years of going to doctors. But his authority over your sickness is absolute. Today, you can have both Jesus’ presence and his authority.

Action Step: Claim the authority of Jesus over your sickness. It cannot stand against his mighty and strong name. Command it to go in the name of Jesus. Believe in his presence and power to heal you right now.

I declare in the name of Jesus that (the name of your sickness) must go forever. You have no authority. I rebuke you and I will (name your healing result) in the power of the Spirit right now. I praise you, Lord Jesus, for your mighty name is greater than my sickness.

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